Unique Ranking System

Each product on ImpactHub CHS has a unique ranking out of 11 point

Why this matters!

ImpactHub CHS is dedicated to reviving our local Charleston economy.  Our unique ranking system allows you to make an informed, deliberate, and tangible impact with your dollar.  With ImpactHub CHS, the money you spend remains in your community, returning Charleston to the vibrant city it was before Covid. Below, you can see the numbers behind our ranking system. 

Location Sold (#/5)

5/5 - Sold in Charleston

4/5 - Sold in South Carolina

3/5 - Sold in the South

2/5 - Sold in America

1/5 - Sold in another country


Location Made (#/5)

5/5 - Made in Charleston

4/5 - Made in South Carolina

3/5 - Made in the South

2/5 - Made in America

1/5 - Made in another country


If the company is accredited by In Place Impact, they receive an additional 1 point.